Salk Middle School Replacement Project

This past World of Concrete exhibit brought an award to Cameron Reilly for the Salk Middle School replacement project.

The Salk Middle School Replacement project included a seeded, polished concrete floor as a central part of the project. Cameron-Reilly invested a great deal of time into developing the right specifications and ensuring the right solution for the seeded concrete floor was in place prior to moving ahead with the bidding process.

The Green Umbrella system for wet grind, hone and polish was used to produce the floor using the Green Cut, Dry Shield and Microfilm products.

With the polished concrete floor being a part of the project from the beginning the design team with Cameron-Reilly

seeded concrete floor

The finished seeded polished concrete floor for Salk Middle School in Spokane, Washington.

was called in to work with the process early on.

Specifications for the concrete floor were the main focus long before the project was underway. Working closely with the General Contractor, Garco Construction, the team at Cameron-Reilly was involved in the process from design to unveiling.

With Cameron-Reilly’s experience in both placing and finishing concrete floors, additional quality control measures were in place throughout the placement and finishing of the Salk Middle School concrete floor. Several factors were central to the success of this project;

  • Specific techniques were used by the contractor in placing the seeded terrazzo rock in the concrete floor Giving the floor it’s finished look. The polishing used is based on the new ST115 standards for polished concrete floors. Often if the rock being seeded is not thoroughly blended it can leave a spotty  or unfinished look with the rock not appearing evenly throughout the floor.
  • The polishing process used by CR involved newer technology of a Roughness Average. The Roughness Avergage(RA) is the scientific measurement used to determine the roughness of concrete floors. This delivers a better floor for the customer.
  • Garco Construction used newer laser screed technology at the time of floor placement which enabled greater flatness and leveling of the floor.

These factors combined with proper training and certification in various techniques and processes produce consistent results and a better concrete floor for polished concrete floors using the Green Umbrella System.