Green Umbrella™ Equipment and Abrasives

Concrete Burnishers and Equipment

Green Umbrella™ brings you a complete family of concrete tooling gear, equipment, concrete grinders, concrete burnishers, honing resins and diamond abrasives to address every stage of your concrete project from the start right through to stain, seal and finish.

With resources for both residential and commercial applications contact us today for more information on which equipment would be ideal for your concrete floor project. 844-200-7336

Green Umbrella™ Honing Resins & Tooling

Green Umbrella™ Craftsman are the best abrasives on the market with the release of the Green Umbrella™ Honing Resins and Polishing Resins.

For grinding down concrete, Green Umbrella™ Big Stock Diamonds are usually used for removal for increased aggregate exposure. Green Umbrella™ Craftsman Abrasives and Green Umbrella™ Bog Stock Diamonds are also great for surface build up, oil build up, thin mill coating, or mortar refinishing.

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Green Umbrella™ Concrete Grinders

The Green Umbrella family of Concrete Grinder Equipment enables you to grind, hone and polish concrete with extreme precision and productivity. Complete projects in a time frame that makes polished concrete a practical choice and makes your company the only choice as the team that can get the job done. Our concrete grinder equipment includes the Green Umbrella Green Grinder, Green Umbrella StoneExtreme, Green Umbrella Green Edger, and Green Umbrella Low Profile Edger.

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GreenGloss™ Conrete Burnishers

GreenGloss™ concrete burnishers are powered with EPA & CARB certified, low emission engines and meet GS-42 and LEED certification guidelines for green cleaning.

All GreenGloss™ concrete burnishers come standard with an emissions monitor that automatically shuts the engine down if CO emissions rise; a 3-way catalytic muffler that lowers CO, HC and NOx emissions; and dust containment. All machines and components are recyclable.

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Green Umbrella™ Honing Resins: GUResinblue & GUPR

We have given are Green Umbrella Craftsman the best abrasives on the market with the release of the Green Umbrella™ Honing Resins and Polishing Resins. The GUhr and GUpr showcase high durability and performance when honing and polishing. High quality matrix such as these increase the lifetime and effectiveness of the Green Umbrella Resins thus increase your work productivity. We have seen an average of a third longer life with this new design. Green Umbrella Honing Resins and Polishing Resins is brings you less labor, less downtime and less environmental impact to your concrete floor projects.

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