“Architectural Concrete Flooring from Design to Completion”

Green Umbrella is unifying our vision and promoting our brand identity with our key audience in mind, the owner and design professional.

We are returning to the use of educational & architectural images throughout our marketing content. The approach is to provide a visual experience with the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Educating design professionals and craftsmen to the features and benefits with simple, direct images. A core theme of our branding strategy is the design and product message. The foundation starts with our “Design Statement” that encompasses what architectural concrete flooring is. The “Product Statement” that “cuts to the chase” by simply and directly identifying how each product “Cuts your labor, cuts your downtime, and cuts your environmental impact”.

All products will have content formatting that will demonstrate a clear visual process for branding with product and process education.

All products are first clearly identified with the following images. A banner ad with image and logo. Second by an educational image. Third by an architectural image that reveals the product viewed in a building design. Followed by three supporting images, always one of which is close up.

Further product reinforcement is expressed with features and benefits through images and graphics. Promoting each product with an educational image illustrating the features and benefits connected to product pages and presentations. Additional education images are chosen for other features and benefits as well.

Branding orientation will make the complex simple by focusing the customer first on a system clearly defined with features and benefits. Priority will be given to the system first, than the individual product. Keeping clearly in mind products are generally specified not systems. A high-level perspective is presented with the “Green Umbrella™ Concrete Systems” combining several products under a simple umbrella of products the work together.

Our entire marketing and design team with input from sales and management will help to provide simple, direct messaging. This will resonating with all who experience our Green Umbrella brand.