Architectural Concrete is the foundation of our Design Statement.

Anchored to it is all that Green Umbrella is built on. Though our concrete vision is not limited, our primary focus is on Architectural concrete flooring with three distinct pillars to support our vision.

Architectural Concrete Element Defined:

“Concrete that will be permanently exposed to view and therefore requires special care in selection of the concrete materials, forming, placing, and finishing to obtain the desired architectural appearance.”

– American Concrete Institute


Utilizing either new or existing concrete. Architectural concrete floors can be colored, finished with a variety of reflectivity or processed to reveal different sizes of internal aggregate.


Extending live Polished concrete floors are environmentally friendly with low VOC content, high ambient light reflection, lower heating and cooling loads and exceptional durability.


Architectural polished concrete floors have lower initial costs, less maintenance and longer life cycles than traditional flooring choices such as marble, granite, tile, linoleum, carpet, and epoxy coated concrete floors.