Green Umbrella Cutting Agents

As part of the Green Umbrella Concrete Cutting Agents, the concrete is treated using molecular cutting agents, reducing the number of diamond steps and creating a less porous floor than could previously be achieved. The Green Umbrella Cutting Systems offers two methods to treat and smooth down the surface of a concrete floor allowing it to be stained sealed and polished. Green Umbrella Concrete Cutting Agents help smooth and seal the floors for a denser and less porus surface for easier maintenance and a longer floor life.

Green Umbrella Cutting Systems are specially formulated for use in manufacturing & light assembly plants, warehouse/distribution centers, food service operations, retail stores & showrooms, garages, airports, hospitals and any other areas where polished concrete surfaces are maintained.

Green Umbrella Hybrid Cutting Systems

Green Umbrella Hybrid Cut System

Green Umbrella HybridCut Treatment System is a superior system for a GHP (Grind, Honed, and Polished) concrete floor. The Green Umbrella HybridCut treatment system is comprised of a group of Green Umbrella concrete finishing products which when used in the correct sequence gives a concrete floor a finish with the look of marble or polished stone rather than concrete with a deep clarity of shine for a liquid finish look.

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Green Umbrella Green Cut Concrete Treatment System

Green Umbrella GreenCut Cutting Agent

The Green Umbrella Green Cut System cuts labor requirements and greatly reduces wear on your metal bond diamond abrasives saving you money. The Green Umbrella Green Cut Process uses as few as 2 diamond grit steps to grind, hone and polish concrete floors. The Green Umbrella Green Cut System creates a more resilient floor with a superior gloss while saving time, money and eliminating hazardous waste disposal issues—significantly reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

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