Design Statement

Architectural Concrete is the foundation of our Design Statement.

Anchored to it is all that Green Umbrella is built on. Though our concrete vision is not limited, our primary focus is on Architectural concrete flooring with three distinct pillars to support our vision.

Architectural Concrete Element Defined:

“Concrete that will be permanently exposed to view and therefore requires special care in selection of the concrete materials, forming, placing, and finishing to obtain the desired architectural appearance.”
– American Concrete Institute


Utilizing either new or existing concrete. Architectural concrete floors can be colored, finished with a variety of reflectivity or processed to reveal different sizes of internal aggregate.


Extending live Polished concrete floors are environmentally friendly with low VOC content, high ambient light reflection, lower heating and cooling loads and exceptional durability.


Architectural polished concrete floors have lower initial costs, less maintenance and longer life cycles than traditional flooring choices such as marble, granite, tile, linoleum, carpet, and epoxy coated concrete floors.

Branding Statement

“Architectural Concrete Flooring from Design to Completion”

Green Umbrella is unifying our vision and promoting our brand identity with our key audience in mind, the owner and design professional.

We are returning to the use of educational & architectural images throughout our marketing content. The approach is to provide a visual experience with the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Educating design professionals and craftsmen to the features and benefits with simple, direct images. A core theme of our branding strategy is the design and product message. The foundation starts with our “Design Statement” that encompasses what architectural concrete flooring is. The “Product Statement” that “cuts to the chase” by simply and directly identifying how each product “Cuts your labor, cuts your downtime, and cuts your environmental impact”.

All products will have content formatting that will demonstrate a clear visual process for branding with product and process education.

All products are first clearly identified with the following images. A banner ad with image and logo. Second by an educational image. Third by an architectural image that reveals the product viewed in a building design. Followed by three supporting images, always one of which is close up.

Further product reinforcement is expressed with features and benefits through images and graphics. Promoting each product with an educational image illustrating the features and benefits connected to product pages and presentations. Additional education images are chosen for other features and benefits as well.

Branding orientation will make the complex simple by focusing the customer first on a system clearly defined with features and benefits. Priority will be given to the system first, than the individual product. Keeping clearly in mind products are generally specified not systems. A high-level perspective is presented with the “Green Umbrella™ Concrete Systems” combining several products under a simple umbrella of products the work together.

Our entire marketing and design team with input from sales and management will help to provide simple, direct messaging. This will resonating with all who experience our Green Umbrella brand.

Product Statement

By nature and illustration an umbrella sends a clear message of something that covers many elements. And that we do!

Our system is as complex from the pour to the polish. Green Umbrella™ products fit into a system approach, meaning several products generally have to be specified at once to achieve the desired result.

Green Umbrella Products are part of a 5 component system:

  1. Concrete Canvas
  2. Process
  3. Treatment
  4. Equipment
  5. Certified Craftsman

At times when these varying avenues intertwine, our materials work well together achieving a harmony between products that results in lower downtime, labor, and environmental impact.

Is a specialty concrete component classified by type based on the chemical mechanism used to obtain expansion in the concrete matrix during the curing process.

Consultant Statement

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE is most the valuable asset available to product reps. Use and application, sustainability, specification application, and detailing presented as an industry player is far more effective than presenting product as a peddler. Focusing on product knowledge, features and benefits, company history and capabilities are clear channels to failure.

GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS educate specifiers on product use, product application, and industry (competitive) issues. From a specification point-of-view, product limitations are the most important piece of information to communicate.

REVIEW SPECIFICATIONS for industry compliance and appropriate competitors.
wants to know about a specific firm or specifier is contained in their specifications. A specification \analysis is the most knowledge management tool available to reps.

In the final analysis, if your product is not specified or is specified incorrectly, the time and effort with the specifier is completely wasted, and worse, a relationship damaged.

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Craftsman Statement

Increasing numbers of architects and design professionals are suggesting polished concrete to their clients who want a flooring option that is green, low maintenance, and durable.

The challenge is finding a contractor who can consistently meet specifications and can be relied upon to produce a high quality product. To meet that need, Green Umbrella has been instructing and training contractors in the GU mechanical process and treatment applications for 15 years that create an architectural concrete floor.

When contractors complete our comprehensive training program successfully, we can confidently refer them to you.

Green Umbrella has three different levels of certification offered to meet your needs. GU Applicator is trained and certified you to use our concrete treatments for an earth-friendly concrete floor. An applicator may be applying our product and does not need to have our equipment because it is not required to apply product.

The next level is a GU Craftsman. In addition to using our concrete treatments, the craftsman uses our abrasive mechanical process and Green Umbrella “or equal to” propane fueled equipment.

A GU Master Craftsman combines concrete polishing skills with the ability to perform placement and flatwork on new concrete.